If its good enough for the President of the U.S……..

As part of his first annual comprehensive physical exam as Chief Executive, U.S. President Barack Obama underwent a Virtual Colonoscopy (VC) exam as a screen for colon cancer. 

Why did the President’s medical team choose a VC over a traditional colonoscopy?  The exam is safe, effective and does not require sedation or pain medication.  Because there was no sedation, the President was able to maintain presidential authority.  In contrast, when President George W. Bush had a traditional colonoscopy in 2007, because he had to undergo sedation, he had to transfer presidential authority for several hours to his Vice President.

You may not be governing one of the most powerful nations in the world, but knowing that a VC is the test of choice for someone who does carries a pretty strong message!

The Canadian Cancer Society advises that the death rate from colorectal cancer can be reduced significantly if patients get screened!

Colon cancer and cancer of the rectum usually begin as a small polyp. While most colon polyps are benign, some do become cancerous. Colon cancer symptoms may include a change in bowel habits or bleeding, but usually colon cancer strikes without symptoms. That’s why it’s important to get a colon cancer screening test, such as a Virtual Colonoscopy. If the cancer is found early, the doctor can use surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy for effective treatment.

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