Patients who “see” their heart disease are much more motivated to follow doctor’s orders

Patients who see for themselves the build up of hard plaque (calcium) in their coronary arteries  become more compliant about taking cholesterol-lowering medicine and are more likely to lose weight according to two large studies which were presented to the American College of Cardiology in March of this year.

Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring (CACS) not only is able to diagnose early signs of coronary artery disease, it is also able to provide a predictive value (percentage risk of having a serious cardiac event).  And as the results of these studies show, a CACS may also be a motivator.

We all know that a healthy diet, weight control and lifestyle changes (exercise, not smoking, taking medications) can help those living with coronary artery disease – now we have a tool to help motivate us to stay on the right path!

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