Back Pain

Back Pain? SFU Archeologists may know why.

Dr. Kimberly Plomp and Professor Mark Collard of the SFU Evolutionary Studies Program are finding evidence that disc herniations may be related to the human evolution of walking upright.

This research may be beneficial to the population at large. Dr. Plomp thinks that their findings may be able to help doctors identify people who might be more at risk for disk herniation due to their spine characteristics, and thus can benefit from preventative care.  To read Dr. Plomp’s research article, click here.  The Vancouver Sun, as well as several international newspapers have published articles on Dr. Plomp’s hypothesis and research.

Canada Diagnostic Centres is proud to be working with Dr. Plomp and her team by providing spine imaging data. Some of our patients may volunteer to have their images included in Dr. Plomp’s important research – please call Shelley James to learn more at 604-709-8522.

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