Pre-Op Breast MRI reduces repeat surgery

A Study presented by Yale School of Medicine Professor Liane Philpotts,  shows that patients with newly diagnosed breast cancers have fewer repeat surgeries when they have an MRI first.

The results were most dramatic in patients who have dense breast tissue (dense tissue is more challenging to evaluate on mammogram and ultrasound). 

When a lumpectomy is performed, if there are any cancerous cells remaining around the excision area, a second surgery is required to remove more tissue to ensure “clear margins”.  Breast MRI has been shown to show the size and shape of a cancerous lesion better than mammography or ultrasound, thus helping the surgeons be more accurate in the removal of the tumour and reducing the need for a second surgery.

Pre-op breast MRIs also show the extent of the disease better than mammography or ultrasound, and is often able to detect additional cancers in the same breast or other breast.  This information is very important in helping the patient and her medical team decide the best course of treatment.

Breast MRI is a useful tool for cancer staging and is not a substitute for screening mammography.  Patients who are breast cancer gene carriers and therefore are at high risker risk for developing breast cancer, may be candidates for MRI screening, but should also be screened annually with mammography.

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