MRI can change diagnosis and treatment plan for knee problems

Did you know that using MRI for knee disorders can often change the diagnosis and treatment plan?

With an accurate diagnosis, confirmed by MRI, its easier for doctors and their patients to choose the best course of action – patients will get the more effective treatment.

A small study done by the Cleveland Clinic and presented in November at the Radiological Society of North America’s annual international conference found that an MRI changed the primary diagnosis in 37% of the cases and altered patient care in 29% of the cases including whether to do surgery or not, and which type of surgery to do.

The patients who were studied were all referred for MRIs by orthopedic or sports medicine doctors, who are the most skilled at evaluating knee problems.  The study hypothesized that if the expert diagnosis changed, then diagnosis done by non-surgeons or non-sports med doctors would probably be effected more. 

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