What to Look For in an Imaging Centre

We understand that you have choices when it comes to deciding where to go for your scan. What should you consider when you are looking for an imaging centre?


Canada Diagnostic Centres opened the first private MRI in Canada in 1993. Our Vancouver clinic has been open since 2000 and since that time we have scanned over 70,000 patients. Our facility and our radiologists are well known in the medical community.

Medical Team

Radiologists are the specialists who interpret, MRIs, CTs and ultrasounds and provide your doctor with the results.

Our clinic’s four radiologists are led by Dr. Gordon Andrews, a Clinical Professor at the University of British Columbia as well as Site Head for the Department of Radiology and the Clinical Director of MR Imaging at UBC Hospital.

Our radiologists also bring a variety of sub-specialty skills to the clinic relating to musculoskeletal, neurologic and abdominal diagnostic imaging. They use a team approach and are able to consult freely with each other in the event of challenging or difficult cases. This depth and breadth of knowledge is a real benefit to our patients and their physicians.

Our entire team of radiologists actively participates in teaching of radiologists-in-training in the UBC Faculty of Medicine and is engaged in cutting edge imaging research.

The Right Exam for the Right Reasons

Should you have an MRI, a CT or an Ultrasound? There are many considerations as to which exam is most appropriate for each individual case, and even how to structure each exam. For that reason, our radiologists review and protocol all exam requests before we call you to book a scan. If a different exam than the one ordered by your doctor would be more appropriate for you, our radiologists will let you and your physician know. That way, we maximize the likelihood that we will get the answers you need and minimize the likelihood that you will need an additional, different kind of exam down the road.

At Canada Diagnostic, we have MRI, CT and Ultrasound equipment, so you and your doctor can be assured, we’ll give you the right scan for the right reasons.


Just like cars, advanced medical imaging equipment comes in different makes and models. With MRI for example, there are many different configurations as to the size, shape and strength of machine.

The strength of the magnets in an MR machine is measured in Tesla. The most common strength machine is a 1.5Tesla and it is what you will find in hospitals and medical teaching facilities throughout Canada. At our clinic, we operate a GE Signa 1.5T HDx (High Definition) MRI.

CT scanners are described by the number of “slices” they have. These are the number of simultaneous images the machine takes during one split-second rotation around the patient. Our CT scanner is a 128-slice Somatom by Siemens. 128-slice scanners have made high resolution visualization with low radiation exposure possible.

MRIs, CTs and Ultrasound machines all look at body parts in different ways which is why its important to use the right machine for your particular situation. At Canada Diagnostic, we can help you and your physician determine the best test for you.


When you call an imaging clinic, is the staff helpful and informative? Are they able to answer all of your questions? Are you comfortable with what they are telling you? If you need more information, are they able to provide it for you? At Canada Diagnostic Centres, our staff is happy to answer all of your questions or provide you with information or materials you may find helpful. If you prefer online research, our website is an excellent source of information.

Wait times

Do you need your scan done as soon as possible or would you like it next Tuesday afternoon to better fit your schedule? At Canada Diagnostic Centres, we will do our absolute best to schedule your scan for a time and date that fits with your needs. We will also be happy to coordinate the timing of your scan with specialist appointments or treatment you have scheduled.

In addition, your scan will be reviewed and reported quickly. You doctor will receive a report within one working day of the exam—in many cases, your doctor will receive the report within a few hours of your scan. If your doctor requires results immediately, our radiologist will be happy to call and give a verbal report right away.


Prices for different scans vary depending on the complexity of the scan being done and the type of machine it is being done on. A complete fee schedule is available on our website. If you have any questions about what an exam would cost, please give us a call.

Our promise is to provide our patients and their physicians with the best in
patient-focused, medically-principled diagnostic imaging.