CT Dental Scan


Due to its accuracy and sensitivity, Computed Tomography is increasingly employed in the planning of Dental Implant Surgery. The latest generation of spiral CT scanners can image the complete mandible (lower jaw) or maxilla (upper jaw) within minutes, delivering high resolution images. The images are then processed by the dental scan software, a specially developed computerized reformatting program that obtains true cross-sections of the mouth.

The main use of CT dental scan is in the pre-operative planning of implants. CT dental scans assist the dental surgeon in deciding if surgery is feasible and then accurately planning the size and position of the implants. The highly detailed diagnostic information available from a CT dental scan greatly improves surgical outcomes.


Our CT technologist will send you the patient’s images on CD-ROM.

  1. The CD-ROM contains a self-loading reading software with calibration and measurement tools
  2. Images can be displayed with any degree of contrast
  3. Images can be displayed at any desired magnification
  4. Once calibrated (50 pixels to 1 cm), measurements are registered in centimetres and images can be printed on any printer
  5. eFilm tools are comprehensive and extremely versatile, allowing a vast range of image manipulations
  6. All dental scan oblique images are numbered (bottom right corner) and correspond with the numbered curved maxilla/mandible scout images
  7. CT dental scans are compatible with SimPlantĀ® and Nobel BiocareTM

For more information, please contact:Ā moc.citsongaidadanacobfsctd@ofni