Lung Scan

Patients Age 40+


The Lung Scan provides a detailed visualization of the lungs. The Advanced Lung Analysis software allows highly accurate volume measurement of lung nodules. With its 3D volume measurement, we are better able to determine changes in nodule volume and to quantify growth rate and doubling time for lesions, allowing earlier and more accurate identification of small lung cancers. This enables our radiologists to detect lung cancer at its earliest stage, usually undetectable by an ordinary chest x-ray.

The Lung Scan can also detect other lung damage such as emphysema from smoking or lung scarring from prior infection.


This screening is designed for smokers (those who have smoked the equivalent of one pack a day for 20 years), those exposed to second hand smoke, chronic emphysema sufferers, individuals with a family history of lung cancer or exposure to significant amounts of air pollution.


Detected nodules, depending on their significance may require follow-up to exclude interval growths. Follow-up exams are generally performed three-months, six-months or one-year from initial screening.